Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Fug

There are probably many names for this trail, but this is the name that was introduced to me back in college when I first hiked it. This is a very little known hike near Horse Thief Lake just down Highway 244 from Mt Rushmore NM and it offers amazing views of the Black Hills. This is a short but very difficult hike because it requires some class 4 climbing.
Looking SE towards Mt Rushmore

Coming from Horse Thief Lake take the first left onto a gated road. This is a good parking area for a car or two, just make sure not to block the road behind the gate. To find the beginning of the trail, walk back down the shoulder of the road and the trail begins in the ditch just past a rock wall to the left.

The first half mile is a short uphill walk through the woods twisting and turning until it dead ends at a granite wall. Here is where things get tricky, the last couple hundred feet of trail are mostly vertical. After weaving your way up the rocks and avoiding poison ivy, the peak is easily accessible and shows the amazing 360° views of the surrounding hills.

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