Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hippie Hole

For weekends like this when the temperatures are in the 80's or higher, Hippie Hole is a great hiking and swimming destination. After driving through the National Forest for several miles, the road ends and all that is left is a narrow trail wandering down to the bottom of a canyon. Along the way there are some viewpoints worthy of stopping for and admiring the landscape. The trail starts downhill but eventually the steep trail turns flat and follows Battle Creek until you come to Hippie Hole, a rock wall with a waterfall dropping into a deep pool. It's a great place for playing in the water, jumping off of a cliff, and taking in the scenery. This is a fun hike and is about a 15 minute journey (roughly 1/3 of a mile).

From Rockerville, head south on S Rockerville Rd, or head north if coming from Highway 40, until you come to Foster Gulch Rd (gravel). Drive about a mile until there is a marked road to the right and then another right about a mile later, after the next cattleguard. Stay right on all forks and the road comes to an end at a parking area.